Twin Cities: 10th Most Miserable Sports City

A recent Forbes article ranks Minneapolis-St. Paul as the 10th most miserable sports city in the country. The writers, Tom Van Riper and Andrew Farrell, worked on the assumption that it's more miserable to be a fan of teams that routinely play well and reach the post season and then blow it.

That's a sound argument, but 'heartbreaking' seems like a better adjective here. All 20 hardcore fans of Tampa Bay Rays (they've dropped the 'Devil' from their team name in a rebranding effort, which seems like rebranding shit as 'poo') might argue that it's far more depressing to lose more than 60 percent of your games than to get beat in the playoffs. That's also a sound argument. The system Forbes used was taking cities with at least 75 combined seasons of football, hockey, baseball, and basketball. They looked at which cities had teams perform poorly in championship playoff rounds, then they looked at failures in semi-finals, and then calculated the ratio of championships to total seasons played.

So, which city can claim to be home to worst playoff teams in history? The heartbreaking teams that build up confidence and then give away championships? The resounding answer is Atlanta, Largely due to the Braves knack for regular season dominance and playoff debacles. Seattle came in second, story of their franchises, followed by Buffalo, Phoenix, and San Diego. As for our beloved teams, the article makes some very good points for them having a place on the list. The Vikings were shown up in Super Bowls 4, 8, 9, and 11 (maybe a contributing factor to landing Carl Eller in the clink this week?).

Twin Cities: 10th Most Miserable Sports City

The source of much misery.

Although, the piece said nothing about the infamous 1998 conference championship disaster against the Atlanta Falcons, who, of course, lost that year's Super Bowl to Denver (no. 7 on the list). With the Timberwolves never having won the NBA crown and now in rebuilding mode, and the Twins usually good enough to make it to the playoffs, but not good enough to advance very far, the Twin Cities is poised to only go up on the list. Of course, with a long-awaited Stanley Cup championship this season, the Wild have the power knock the Twin Cities off the list.

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