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Tough Cookies


I just don't fucking get it. It's one thing for the Twins to lose to the Angels and the A's in California; it's another thing altogether for them to lose to the Washington Nationals, the worst team in the National League (and probably both leagues, if we're honest) at home. At home!

Saturday, as you should be pretty damned well aware of now, they lost in monumental fashion. Oh, it was only 3-1. We had but a pair of hits. Great pitchers duel, yes? Er, no.

In what appeared to be a not-so-daring act of capitulation, the Nats threw former Twins farmhand Levale Speigner on the mound against Johan Santana. Speigner who? Why, this youth was left unprotected in the Rule 5 draft by the Twins, was plucked by the D.C. crew, and, thanks to MLB rules, had to be on the Nationals major league roster. He entered the game with an ERA above 14. 14.44 I think it was, but I could be wrong and I'm too bewildered and angry to look it up.

A fourteen run ERA. Think about that for a minute. If this dude took the mound for nine full, then the Nationals would have to score fifteen fucking runs to win a game. And yet, on Saturday, on a game the Twins could have, and should have, won, he limits the Twins to two hits. Wow.

This is important news because it was pretty much a year ago this weekend that the Twins began their amazing turnaround. At game 59, we were 26-33, eleven back from the surprising Tigers. With Baltimore in town, we took two of three, and began a streak of 20 wins in 22 games.

I don't care about Sunday's victory, because winning one of three against the Nationals would be a disgrace even for the St. Paul Saints. We looked lousy in two games, mediocre against mediocrity in the third. Raise your hands if you think a comeback'll happen this year. If your hand's up, go stand in a corner, face to the wall, with the Hold Steady's "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" looping for an hour. With that penance out of the way, maybe reality will finally sink in. For losing two of three to the Nationals, the fucking Nationals for Christ's sake!, and getting a pair of hits off a kid with a fourteen run ERA, well, it don't look good. It just don't look good...

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