Top 10 MN music video moments of 2006


1. Monks: The Transatlantic Feedback documentary and various Monks videos on Youtube

2. P.O.S. "Bleeding Hearts Club (MPLS Chapter)" video (at Youtube) (scenes from the shoot)

3. Ill Chemistry (Desdamona and Carnage) at Trocadero's 11/28/06 on Youtube

4. The Flamin' Oh's "I Remember Romance" vintage Chuck Statler video on Youtube

5. Vintage Eyedea and Slug freestyle footage from The Wake-Up Show; part 2; both at Youtube

6. DJ Snuggles at the State Fair on Youtube

7. (tie) Tapes 'N Tapes "Cowbell" video (at Youtube) and appearance on Letterman at Youtube 8. Heiruspecs "Positions of Strength" video at Youtube

9. Second Stage tent collapses at Green Man festival at Starfire TV

10. Signal to Trust live in the Entry at Schedule Two

More videos:

Documentary: Bunker's: An American Music Story (official site) TV series: Drinking With Ian Haley Bonar's "Devilish Man" video at Youtube TV: Unknown Prophets song played on Channel 4 Lao Crimino "Move Som'm" video on MySpace The Alarmists at the Varsity in June on Youtube The Suburbs playing Loring Park in 1980 at Youtube Danny y Elliot and Maria Isa in City Pages Low playing "Sunflower" at Loring Park in 2006 via Youtube Bone Appetit at Homegrown Festival in Duluth Heiruspecs in Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine mini-doc 5th Annual Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop Trama's "Pack It Up" video Documentary: Pick Up the Mic (documentary featuring Tori Fixx) (L.A. opening) The Chosen Few at the Dinkytowner Pigeon John namedropping Slug in "Freaks! Freaks!" Soul Asylum and Wyclef Jean, "Gone Till November" P.O.S. "Half Cocked Concepts" video Andrew Bird and Martin Dosh live footage at Youtube TV: Atmosphere on Jimmy Kimmel Atmosphere, "Say Hey There" video Street Kingz, "I Shine" video Prince, "Black Sweat" video

Not available: Rick Fuller's 'First Avenue HayDay' documentary; The C.O.R.E.'s "Northern Exposure (Tease Me)"; Prince on SNL; Atmosphere on Conan

Add your own suggestions below and I'll add them to the "more videos" list.

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