Top 10 Memorable Moments of the 2007 Minnesota Vikings

The end of a calendar year is a time for reflection. The regular season ends this Sunday on the road against the Broncos in a gotta have game. But before we're cursing at every thing any shade of purple or rationalizing a possible road to the Super Bowl XLII, let's look back on a particularly inconsistent year(even by the Vikes' standard) for everyone's favorite football franchise.

10. Zygi Wilf rattling his saber threatening the fans with his demands for a new stadium.

Taxpayers hold on to your wallets, the sky is falling and a brand new stadium is the only cure. How long before the dreaded word “relocation” rears its ugly head?

9. Scrooge (almost) came a little early this year.

Initially, wide receiver Troy Williamson was docked a game check for missing the San Diego Chargers game while attending his grandmother’s funeral. The national media caught wind and soon everyone had a bad taste in their mouths. Coach Brad Childress fortunately came to his senses before the situation was completely out of hand and returned the check. Williamson went on to donate the $25,000 to charity.

8. Innocent until proven guilty?

Vikings safety Dwight Smith was busted for allegedly possessing a small amount of marijuana outside of a strip club on a Thursday night. The best part is that he apparently admitted he had “just got done smoking some marijuana.” Indeed. 7. Can you spell choke? The loss to the Washington Redskins with a spot in the postseason within grasp was disappointing for more than one reason. This was just a terrible game that gave Redskins’ Todd Collins the biggest Christmas gift of all – a sense of legitimacy. The holiday season is the time for generosity, but Todd Collins? Really? 6. Pro Bowl-a-Rama!

Top 10 Memorable Moments of the 2007 Minnesota Vikings

An incredible seven Minnesota Vikings named to the 2007 NFC Pro Bowl Team. Not since 2000 has Minnesota sent so many to Honolulu. Four lineman: Kevin and Pat Williams, Steve Hutchinson, and Matt Birk anchor the Vikings representatives. Darren Sharper, Fullback Tony Richardson, and to no one’s surprise, rookie phenom running back Adrian Peterson will all be headed west as well. 5. The improbable five game winning streak propels the Vikes into contention for a wild card berth. With wins over the Raiders, Giants, Lions, 49ers, and the Bears had Vikings fans everywhere excited about a team actually exceeding expectations. Usually it works the other way around. 4. Ouch, and double ouch. An embarrassing 34-0 crushing loss to the hated Green Bay Packers. The game wasn’t the only loss in this day. Adrian Peterson left the game after taking a shot to the knee. It was said the collective gasp coming from the west was heard inside of Lambeau. 3. Old relible steadies the ship.

Chester Taylor picking up the team and fans with a 164 yard performance against the Raiders. The team needed a shot in the arm after the previous week’s loss in Green Bay (see above) and a loss at home to the lowly Raiders might have sunk the season for good. 2. Adrian Peterson brushing aside the NFL single game rushing mark. The San Diego Chargers didn’t have an answer for “All Day” as he rushed for 296 yards and 3 scores on 30 carries. The day AP officially arrives. 1. April 28, 2007. It’s hard to top #2 but with the 7th pick in the NFL Draft, the Vikings grabbed the rookie of the year and made the team exciting to watch again. Few knew the success Adrian Peterson would have his first year but everyone hopes it continues for many years. Happy New Year Vikes fans!

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