Time: Split decision could loom

Time floats the possibility of a fractured GOP vote even after Feb. 5's "Super Duper Tuesday" primaries. This is a tantalizing possibility, if for no other reasons than drawing out the suspense and creating the most fascinating national convention atmosphere possible.


Before anyone gets too excited (I know, I know, I can see your eyes roll through the monitor), a lot would have to break correctly for this to happen. Historically, someone tends to pick up momentum and push the others to the wayside.

To this point, though, that hasn't happened, and one of the alleged leading candidates (Rudy) hasn't even started trying yet. What happens if three or even four candidates are still alive come Groundhog Day? What if Rudy does win Florida? It's a huge swing state, and McCain has pulled ahead in some polls. What if one of the two candidates ekes out a narrow win there, enough for both to keep moving, but each of the remaining Republicans performs well in their respective regions?

As the article puts it, that scenario leading up to and including the Feb. 5 races "could have the effect of further splintering the race rather than consolidating support for a winner."

Make sure your air popper is working, stock up on the butter and pay your Internet bill. There's intrigue a-brewin'.

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