Thursday audio: Pauline Kael on the Auteur Theory

class=img_thumbleft> Listen to this 55-minute radio broadcast of Pauline Kael attacking the auteur theory in 1963, speaking at San Fernando Valley State College, and unearthed by (thanks to Matos , via Rockcriticsdaily , which also links Kael talking to Jean-Luc Godard ). I've read Kael since the early '80s, and this is the first time I've ever heard her voice. Am I surprised it sounds nothing like I imagined? For more Kael audio, slightly closer to how I'd imagine her, here's NPR's 2001 special after her death, with links to various radio appearances over the years. She's the reason I do this, so I'll always go back to her. Here's the entire Pauline Kael Archives at

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