Thunder sold to Belgium-based ownership group

Fantastic, unexpected news surfaced at yesterday's tailgate prior to the Minnesota Thunder's final game of the season. The team's director of soccer operations,

Manny Lagos

, dropped by with a couple of mysterious gentleman in sportcoats who were introduced as the club's new ownership group. I arrived immediately after their talk, and failed to chase them down after the game, but here's what was gleaned:

1. They are based in Belgium.

2. One of the gentleman is originally from St. Paul; the other is originally from the Netherlands

3. They intend to invest serious money in the franchise with the hope of one day joining Major League Soccer

4. They promise to build a soccer specific stadium for the club within two years

Expect some kind of official announcement about this phenomenal news, including where the club will play next season, around the end of the month.

And oh yeah: the Thunder lost, again, 1-0. Final record: 5-12-11, one point worse than last year's campaign.

(Photo courtesy of Brian Quarstad.)

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