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These should be picked to click

Breakdancer at this weekend's Twin City Celebration if Hip Hop. More photos to come. This isn't any kind of new band, but I was wondering if somebody could help me out with the guy's name.

Maria Isa outside First Avenue at this weekend's Twin City Celebration if Hip Hop.

My "Picked to Click" vote will likely include...


Maria Isa (incredibly talented rapper, dancer from the West Side of St. Paul, with call-and-response in Spanish, a Puerto Rican flag on her shirt, and charisma to spare)


Kill the Vultures (intense oddball rap group, formerly Oddjobs, but so different, they deserve this category)


The Deaths (new to me, at least, and you probably have seen them--or should if you haven't)


The Keepaways (hot female Duluth punk group whom I might have voted for two years ago, but they've gotten a lot better)


Heat (gangsta-esque female rap trio featuring Nena Brown, with a good live show)



Or maybe...


Desdamona (she's been around a while, but I think I realized how much I love her stuff this year, and with a must-buy Desdamona CD out now) 


Aphrill (really good new rap duo featuring Nomi from Kill the Vultures and Toki Wright from the C.O.R.E., though I might save this for next year's ballot)


The Knotwells (rustic and ragged waltz-punk just making itself a regular on the scene; I might have voted for them last year, need to check)


Trama Sutra (more "new resident" than "new artist," but his energetic live rap show deserves a mention)


Dessa, Sims, or Cecil Otter (I kind of think I voted for them last year by voting for Doomtree, but I might let their breakout hip-hop albums count for newness)


Soulistic (I'll save them for a future vote, when they've hit the radar, but a gifted spoken-word/jazz/R&B duo)


The Stnnng (still getting into these guys, but I bet they'll make my Top 20 if they weren't on last year's tally, though it could use more, I don't know, creativity?)


The Alrights (a decent new jammy-ish Duluth band that I'm just now getting into)


AD (not to be confused with Supaman AD of the C.O.R.E.; again, he hasn't quite arrived, but the 17-year-old rapper is one to watch)


Big Quarters (excellent duo, formerly EPL and Snakebird, though this strikes me as more extension than new--they also placed high last year, which means I'll probably save my vote for another contender)

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