There You Go, Kid


Well, if that don't beat all. Kevin Slowey went five innings and gave up four earned runs, but gol-dinged bust-it if he didn't get the 'W'. Little Nicky Punto and Jason Bartlett each hit a home run--their first of the season! Joe Nathan got lucky save number 13, and Pat Neshek, well, jeez, the guy is awesome.

After today's 8-5 victory over the Los Angeles Angels, Neshek's probably got enough material for his blog. I said earlier that Mike Redmond's the coolest Twin this year--I was wrong. Between Neshek's crazy delivery, his outsanding success and his blog, well, the world of Minnesota baseball is divided between Redmond and Neshek.

So it was a banner day for the youths. First home runs, first victories, everyone on the same page. The Twins finally won a game in the cozy, comfy confines of Angel Stadium. That's how you do it, boys, that's how you do it. Some production at the top, bottom and heart of the order. Now we get to come on home and batter the not-so-incredible Washington Nationals. So there's hope. Yeah, God damn it, there's always hope until mid-September. Then it usually turns to dried bat guano.

I doubt there's any tears about today's Angels loss in the fair city of Anaheim. The Mighty Ducks, who get their name from what is rightly considered one of the classic trilogies of world cinema, have finally won their first Stanley Cup, giving hope to all the young boys who spend their winters shooting pucks in the backyards that their doting parents flooded and watched freeze. Of course, since Anaheim doesn't really have a downtown (and therefore no major center where fans can gather and watch their team hoist the trophy), the Ducks will probably resort to what the Angels did in '02, namely, have a rally in the parking lot of the stadium, and then a parade in Disneyland. It only costs $45 to watch the latter. But it was free to stand in the parking lot.

To paraphrase Vonnegut (in Slapstick): Good for them.

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