The RNC’s most obscure protester

By Ben Westhoff

From ending the war in Iraq to Israel out of Palestine to universal health care to legalized weed, the refrains of the protesters have grown predictable on day four. But the harvesting of shark fins? Who knew? As you’ll see in the below video, it turns out that really some bad people – well, Asians seeking medicine and Tennesseans seeking soup, in any case -- are killing our underwater friends for their humps, their humps, their lovely shark fin humps. (Really sorry about that one.)

Who knew this was something folks got worked up about? Actually, it turns out not many people do. In fact, this lovely young lady is the only one. That is, except for her mom, who didn’t want to be shown in the video because she could “get in trouble at work.” Yeah, it’s true, the pro-shark-fin-harvesting partisans are pervasive and powerful.

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