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The Return of Clintonsomething!

One of the all-time best features of Harry Shearer's great radio program Le Show was his continuing serial Clintonsomething ("Youthful angst and middle-aged power!"), a one-man, multi-tracked parody of whatever scandal was rocking the Clinton administration at the moment, done in the hushed style of a soap opera. Shearer's range and ability at characterizations has never had a better showcase than these little dramas-- besides a perfect Clinton and Gore, his James Carville is hilarious and he even does the real tough ones like George Stephanopolous and Leon Panetta.

So the only reason many of us were sad when Clinton left office was because it meant the end of a wonderful comedy. Fortunately, though, there is an occasional reunion special-- Clintonsomething: The Harlem Years-- when the news warrants, and this week's show was probably the best one yet. On the 60 Minutes set, Clinton, Carville and Bob Dole discuss the recent revelation that JFK had his own intern-al affair, in between rehearsing the latest point/counterpoint. Dole, however, is more interested in talking to his agent about his new Hummer commercial (where Bob Dole on the beach sees Bob Dole drive by in his Hummer-- "It's two Bob Doles!" says Bob Dole, to which Clinton asks, "Do you play both?"). It's great-- go listen to it here.

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