The real John McCain (Postmodern Version)

Our sister paper, Phoenix New Times -- who has covered John McCain since McCain became McCain has a story on the candidate. The writer, Amy Silverman, has covered McCain for 15 years -- and yet amazingly, there's fresh material here. A tease of an example:

Here's a story I've never seen told. In 1988, Arizona was already down and out, politically — and John McCain couldn't resist delivering a low blow.

When I was in the Phoenix Public Library just last month, looking for the old Congressional hearing testimony to confirm the story, I was surprised when the librarian knew just what I was talking about. People here remember ...

Go on, read the rest.

Also see their "Vintage McCain" page, which has some classic stories. I've wondered for months how Michelle Obama is attacked for an out-of-context quote (and even more specious reasons) when Cindy McCain's drug addiction and theft from a medical-aid charity somehow gets swept under the rug. Just call her Pharmaceutical Charles Keating, I guess.

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