The Police, the Dutchman, Lou Pearlman, the Church

The Police, the Dutchman, Lou Pearlman, the Church

(Click photo for larger image, by Tony Nelson, accompanying this review.)

The Police, the Dutchman, Lou Pearlman, the Church

(The Dutchman at camp--see this article.)

Recently posted elsewhere: is my new MySpace page for all-ages music clubs in Minnesota and other states, Zinefest this weekend in Minneapolis ( 7/13/07), Gallery: The Police serve a nostalgic Xcel crowd ( 7/11/07), I want it that way: Did the creator of the Backstreet Boys take a local bank for $28 mil? (City Pages 7/11/07), Local vets advocate wheels across America (7/9/07), "breaking" the Prince afterparty news, after a call from Matos ( 7/5/07)--here's Rhena and Nick on the line outside First Avenue, more here, and Sarah on the event and perfume

Oak Street Cinema closing "for the summer" ( 7/5/07), Sarah White leaves Black Blondie, moves to Brooklyn--story later picked up by Reimenschneider ( 6/29/07), Where the Ladies at? The battles and breaks behind the first female hip-hop festival (City Pages 6/27/07), complete B-Girl Be links (Complicated Fun 6/28/07), News Briefs: A "Church" funeral: The fabled underground venue stages a last hurrah (City Pages 6/20/07), Last show at the Church ( 6/15/07), Paul Lundgren on MN Music blogs (CPCulture 6/15/07), previoius roundup.

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