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The New York Times rates the best and worst Metrodome food

If you like ballparks, or food, or just super-slick online interactive maps, there's something for you in the New York Times travel section today.

They've mapped out every MLB ballpark and rated the best and worst food. The winner for the Metrodome? The carved turkey sandwich from Minnesota Carvery. The loser? The sausage pizza from Papa John's. Here's what they had to say:

What to Order:

The carved turkey sandwich from the Minnesota Carvery, on the ground floor behind Section 132. A server in a chef's toque carves your platter to order: thin slices of succulent turkey breast served on an egg bun, with a crispy Caesar salad on the side. The turkey is so moist that you won't miss the gravy.

What to Avoid:

Hands down, the sausage pizza from Papa John's. Soggy crust, rubbery cheese and sausage that tastes like breakfast liinks reheated in a microwave.

ESPN did a story like this last year, and included a top 10 list of ballpark dogs. The Met Jumbo Dog ranked fifth. "The biggest, baddest dog in MLB makes arena-ball almost tolerable," they wrote.

I'm hungry now. But damn, I don't want to watch the Twins lose again. Breaks my heart.

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