The Jo-Jo Equation, Part 2

In one of my initial entries this season, I introduced the "Jo-Jo Equation," whereby I'll provide the periodic stat tracker of the factious trade that sent 2-time Cy Young winner Johan Santana to the Mets for four MLB-unprovens. One of the four, Carlos Gomez, is doing his damndest to make Twins fans forget Santana, both with his unhinged legs, and his occasionally-unhinged head. Gomez leads the AL in steals (11), is tied for the team-lead in hits (27), but also holds the dubious honor of leading the club in strikeouts (25 K's in 102 official at-bats, with just 2 walks).

Here's the stat tracking equation presented in that previous post:

-AAA Rochester Pitching: 1/2 point for a win, a strikeout, or a save. Hitting: 1/2 point for each total base, a stolen base, or an RBI. Fielding: 1/2 point for an assist, and a negative 1/2 point for an error.

-Below this level, all point totals are worth 1/3. (Even though the AA level is more about grooming the MLB prospects, rarely is the jump made from here to the Big Show).

-For all Major League numbers accrued, full points are awarded/deducted in the same areas.

And I also added the caveat: "Now, there are no doubt another 589 statistical categories that could be implemented here to further examine and compare Santana with the 4 fellas now on our side -- but let's stick to the basics, I say, and see how the tally comes out."

That said, let's compare the numbers-

Mets (14-12)

Johan Santana- Pitching: 3-2, 39 Strikeouts Fielding: 0 errors, 7 Assists Hitting: 4-15 (.267), 3 2B- 7 Total Bases

Twins (13-14)

Carlos Gomez- Hitting: 11 Steals, 7 RBI, 27-102 (.265), 6 2B, 1 3B, 1 HR- 38 Total Bases Fielding: 1 Error, 2 Assists

Twins Minor Leaguers AAA Rochester Philip Humber- Pitching: 1-3, 14 Strikeouts Fielding: 1 Error, 4 Assists

Kevin Mulvey- Pitching: 2-2, 29 Strikeouts Fielding: 0 Error, 6 Assists

(High) A Fort Myers Deolis Guerra- Pitching: 2-1, 19 Strikeouts Fielding: 0 Error, 3 Assists


Santana: 56 Points

Our dudes: 88 Points

And lastly, as a series of asides today, here's a little medley of sporting chances that will surely make for some sound weekend cocktail conversation:

1. recently released their "Fan Survey of MLB Ballparks," with categories and rankings that include Food, Fan Intelligence, Promotions and Affordability. Note that while the Twins/Dome finished with a suspect 26th Rank (out of 30), we did finish high in the Affordability section (7th). Despite 2 World Series wins in a five-year stretch, however, our History & Tradition Rank was an ugly 27th.

2. There was a great story of sportsmanship to come out of the NCAA women's ranks this week. The ball may not be hard, but these ladies aren't soft --it's really worth reading.

3. Finally, as I've been preparing a baseball book review for this month, I thought I'd toss out a few solid baseball reading recommendations to accompany both the hammock and the gin that are soon to find backyard your dwellings-

-My Greatest Day in Baseball by John P. Carmichael (and others)

-The Umpire Strikes Back and Strike Two by Ron Luciano and David Fischer

-Jackie Robinson: A Biography by Arnold Rampersad

-Fair Ball: A Fan's Case for Baseball by Bob Costas

-The Catcher was a Spy: The Mysterious Life of Moe Berg by Nicholas Dawidoff

-Joe Torre's Ground Rules for Winners by Joe Torre and Henry Dreher

-Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy by Jane Leavy

or, should you be in more of a listening mood, try:

-The Ernie Harwell Audio Scrapbook (for a few extra dollars, Ernie'll autograph the box for you, too)

UPDATE: The Star Tribune reported at approximately 4:15 p.m. CST today that the older brother of Twins Manager Ron Gardenhire has unexpectedly passed in Oklahoma. Mike Gardenhire was just 55 years old. According to the report, Ron Gardenhire will travel to Oklahoma to be with his family. Scott Ulger will manage the club versus Detroit this weekend. Our well-wishes go out to Gardy and his family.

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