The Hold Steady record "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"

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yesterday of Craig Finn, the Hold Steady's "singer," recording a Twins-centric version of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

According to the corresponding article, Finn was asked to do the song by Kevin Dutcher, the Twins musical director. (We didn't know they had one, either). Dutcher plans to play the track between innings at home games, a move that will almost certainly make the Metrodome the hippest dome in sports.

Not everyone is pleased with the development, though. As one City Pages staffer complained, "Finn manages to destroy even the most basic and recognizable of melodies! His talent is truly limitless." The Twin Cities ex-pat also opts for the questionable lyric "Root, root, root for the Minnesota Twins," when everyone knows it should be "Root, root, root for the Twinkies."

In other news, Craig Finn has a beard.

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