The Armchair Pundit: Campaign Death Watch

With the all-important Florida primary and Super Tuesday looming, this seems like the perfect time for a round of Campaign Death Watch.

The game: Predict in what order the remaining six Republican candidates will drop out of the race. Here’s one scenario:

1. Mike Huckabee: After Super Tuesday on February 5, it becomes painfully obvious that Iowa was a fluke and his campaign doesn’t have a prayer. A gentlemanly sort, he withdraws within days.

2. Rudy Giuliani: He loses badly in make-or-break Florida, and can’t even win his home state of New York on February 5. Stunned, he hangs on desperately for a couple of weeks, then drops out.

3. Alan Keyes: I know what you’re thinking: Keyes is in this race? Apparently so. His vanity campaign lingers embarrassingly till the convention, but he’ll be the most irrelevant candidate in the room.

4. Ron Paul: Like Keyes, his zombie campaign (dead but ambulatory) stumbles along all the way to St. Paul, but he’ll be the second-most irrelevant candidate in the room.

5. John McCain: He’s flying high now, but once Huckabee is out of the race, conservative Christians—still a powerful bloc—hold their noses and vote for Romney. McCain concedes late in the convention.

6. Mitt Romney: He wins the nomination, prompting Republicans nationwide to ask: How the hell did that happen? His campaign finally dies November 4.

See, punditry is easy! Now it’s your turn.

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