That'll Do, Pigs. I guess.

Whoa. Scott Baker is looking just great, isn't he? Today, in the Twins 1-0 victory o'er Cleveland, the kid from Shreveport went 8 innings, gave up 4 hits and 2 walks, with 4 Ks. That means that in his last two starts he's gone 16 innings, given up 1 earned run, 6 hits and a pair of walks, and struck out eleven. No homers. A couple of wins under his belt. Whether this is good luck stretched over a couple days or not, that's ace material.

There's more good news... I guess. As Dick Bremer pointed out repeatedly, the Twins have watched their 9 game deficit for the Central Division title get cut to 4.5 in roughly ten day's time. That's the good news. However, they're also just 12-10 since the All-Star break, which really sucks. Perhaps that's this team needs to do to get to the World Series: emulate the 1987 club, that mediocre club that gave up more runs than it scored, and went on to beat superior teams in the playoffs and World Series.

Sorry if I can't get more excited about the Twins cutting their lead in half and remaining in the hunt thanks to the inability of either Cleveland or Detroit to put this thing away. Of course, the difference between the '87 Twins and the '07 Twins is that their pitching and hitting seem reversed: this club's got the arms, that club had the bats. Whatever. At this rate, the Twins will back into the playoffs, take the thing, and then in two decades eager fans will shell out big bucks to watch the highlights of today's game on DVD. At least you'll get a pair of great pitcher's duels, both of which involve the young Mr. Baker. There's worse entertainment, I suppose.

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