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Thank God for Tivo

It made ESPN's shameless Beckham-mania somewhat palatable. Every time they cut to a lingering shot of his wounded ankle or an interview with

Jennifer Love Hewitt

, I just bumped the production ahead 30 seconds. It wasn't the worst match ever. Chelsea looked bored, but still controlled the game. About the only drama in Beckham's 12 minutes on the pitch was when Steve Sidwell went clattering awkwardly into him, undoubtedly causing Don Garber and Alexi Lalas to nearly choke on their celebratory cigars.

The best development for the Galaxy was the play of central defender Abel Xavier. The Portuguese back was a beast all night long, single-handedly keeping the scoreline respectable. If he can continue to play at that level for the rest of the season (and Beckham doesn't break his leg), the Galaxy should start climbing the MLS table.

Meanwhile the league's original overhyped poster boy is apparently off to Benfica. Good for Freddy. May he prosper.

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