Submarines! Bullet proof luxury boxes! The RNC is coming.

The Hudson Star-Observer just published a rather rambling piece that begins with a word about Hudsonite Jeff Larson (whose name you might recognize from this story--or this one), who has been central to RNC planning from the start and is quoted throughout. The story ends with an interesting peek into security efforts in advance of the convention.

According to Larson, some of them are rumors--like these:

The approximately 14 convention sub-committees have dealt with scores of contingencies, but that hasn’t fully squelched some wild rumors, Larson said. One of those is that a submarine will come up the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers and present a security risk.

Larson denied that all of St. Paul’s ambulances will be present at the Xcel Energy Center site as a precaution, as some local officials have charged, saying it would leave surrounding areas lacking. Larson also noted that there are major hospitals in the immediate area of the Xcel Energy Center to provide whatever service may be needed.

And for those of you with luxury boxes, they'll soon be bullet proof. Or something:

Others who live or work in Hudson, who did not want to be named, have unusual ties to this kind of a convention ... A former St. Paul woman who recently moved here works at the St. Paul Post Office, which is near the convention site, and says that they have been briefed on the hubbub that will go on, as well as that some upper floors will be taken over by people such as customs workers, who also have ties to the postal industry, and Secret Service. An Xcel Energy Center worker, who sometimes visits Hudson to go out with a friend from here, said that the luxury boxes are being totally revamped for security reasons, then will be converted back right away. The friend is one of several from Hudson who work as servers in Woodbury, and she said the idea has been kicked around to offer a shuttle service to and from the Xcel.

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