Stalking talking heads on the floor of the RNC

By Ben Westhoff

There are a lot of media celebrities on the floor of the RNC. But none of them would talk to me. John Oliver Jason Jones, from The Daily Show, said he “wasn’t allowed.” Whatever! So, I did the next best thing and filmed him while he was rehearsing a bit for the program. It involved CNN’s Dana Bash, for some reason.

This was all so much fun I figured I’d stalk Bret Baier from CNN, and film him while he was having an imaginary conversation with Shepard Smith.

And then there was…that one guy from MTV! Who sits on those panels where they pick the ten hottest MCs in rap (and they always manage to include Young Jeezy). Sway is his name, and he actually let me interview him. So that was cool. In our chat, he talks about people with funny headgear and his desire to go fishing for walleye, and plugs MTV’s Choose Or Lose campaign about eight billion times.

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