Spurs-Suns preview, fashionably late

My apologies for the Hangtime hiatus. With the Wolves shoved to the curb, the absolute need for a Monday post has diminished; plus there?s a new roundelay of stadium-oriented chicanery to follow. I procrastinated on my second-round choices in the NBA playoffs, then rationalized it by assuming everyone knew that all the higher seeds would be triumphant. While that turned out to be the case, I was surprised by the rough patches Detroit and San Antonio endured (versus the gutsy Pacers and the Allen-propelled Sonics, respectively), and by the relative ease of the Heat?s sweep over the Wizards even Shaq as a spectator for most of the series. The only matchup that went according to form was Phoenix-Dallas, which I figured to be an entertaining six-game affair.

Read the entire preview here.

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