Speech review: John McCain

Dear God, not the "Mac is Back" chant again. This makes my eyelid twitch.

McCain seemed to have more energy tonight than in previous speeches, but still had the "I'm reading this off the teleprompter verbatim" problem. At least they didn't send him up there with a piece of paper to fumble with as in previous primaries, but the only time he seemed to get off his prompts was when he talked about his mom. What is it with moms in tonight's speeches?

Though McCain was more fluid and poised than in past speeches, he still had the "squint and look confused" problem when he'd stare out at the teleprompter during a portion he didn't have memorized.

The more I see this man speak, the more I see an older version of Bob Dole. The elder statesman who has earned respect in many circles -- and raised hackles in others -- but will never be president.

CNN cut away from McCain in mid-speech to go to Barack Obama. A better programming decision hasn't been made since they canceled "Cop Rock."

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