Someone played the Summon Paulbots card

Earlier this month, the LA Times reported that Ron Paul supporters were planning a Republican National Convention revolt against John McCain and the GOP establishment. MinnMon's Tom Elko has a new roundup of the coming Ron Paul Revolt, which is coming soon to a message board -- and possibly a city -- near you.

Why is this happening? What inspires this fervor? Some say it's politics. But we've found the real reason. It's this card:

Someone played the Summon Paulbots card

For months now, I've been whipsawed and bewildered by the legions of fervent Ron Paul supporters that would show up whenever I mentioned his name. I assumed this was the fault of Google News alerts. Little did I know that there was a handy way of summoning a bevy of PaulTron 1000s. Just play the card!

The Republicans have played it for the convention. We've played it unwittingly several times on this blog. Every time the card shows up, so do the flock of commenters, bearing rhetorical torches about "Iraq," "the Constitution," "sheeple," and other less-polite canards.

Now Tom Elko's fallen into the same trap. Turn back, Elko! They're immune to the "Repel Paulbots" card!

Experienced Magic players will note that it's a white card. How appropriate.

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