Well, I think it's safe to say that Carlos Silva won't be winning the Cy Young award this year, either. With a 2-1 score going into the sixth inning, it looked as if the Twins were heading into yet another close loss, and another tough break for Mr. Silva, who would be having a good year were it not for some run support. Then came the sixth. Perhaps the only good thing to say about the circus-sized sledgehammer that fell on the Twins in the Blue Jays eleven-run inning is that it prevented us from yet another one-run loss. And at least after five or six runs crossed the plate, fans here and abroad could turn off their radios and televisions and actually enjoy the afternoon.

This was ugly, folks. Ugly. Most of the damage occurred with timely hits and doubles, good eyes latching onto hanging pitches and pushing them into the outfield. Take away Gregg Zaun's homer (and its three runs) and you're left with four doubles and a triple, three of which scored runs. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

On the plus side, Justin Morneau went 2 for 3, so this Canadian slump is pretty much done for, plus it's good to see the guy getting good wood on the pill. Additionally, Joe Nathan didn't pitch, so he didn't get boxed around, which is good if he's up as serious trade bait, which is starting to seem oh-so attractive. Dangle the man, Mr. Ryan! Glom some future hitters! '07 is a bust, but 2008 could be ours with the right players...

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