Should I try dressing up as Craig Finn?

class=img_thumbleft>Why is it that every interview I read with Hold Steady 's Craig Finn, I always imagine him speaking in his singing voice? More important question: What will I wear for Halloween when the band plays First Avenue on October 30? I was Brando's Godfather in 2001, Gene Hackman from The Conversation in 2002, John Belushi from The Blues Brothers in 2003, the Dude in 2004. Anyone got any suggestions for film icons to do? I have the hairline for Jack Nicholson but I'd have to lose weight. Oh, and speaking of, this video made my day: The Shining as feel-good movie of the year. I want to see a comedy version with James Brown's "I Feel Good" playing after a scratch-the-needle-off-the-record sound effect. (Yeah, I'm stealing from SNL .) Random fond memory: my little brother Ben nicknaming my dad "the Shining" because of his bald forehead.

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