Shania Twain: bigger than Barack Obama

Word on the street is that the big Obama Rally Tuesday night drew in 17,000 folks to Xcel Energy Center. While that’s a huge number, it’s still around 3,500 people shy of the record set by the goddess of country pop, Shania Twain.

Kathy O’Connor, Director of Public Relations at Xcel informed City Pages that the attendance record was 20,545. It was set back on October 28th of 2003. Worse news for the Obama camp is that an Elton John concert has the second place position and the Wild are firmly in control of third place, each busting a little more than 19,000. So his number, while grand, places him out of medal contention.

Still, Hopemongers would argue that the estimated 15,000 people who didn’t make it through security by the time Obama took the stage should be counted in the final tally, securing his victory as the most popular person in Xcel history. They’d also add in that the press took over half the floor space with their nifty laptops and mini-stage for HD cameras. But let’s face it: while Obama has been tapped as the next JFK, he’s no Shania Twain. And while 2003 may have been the apogee of Twain’s popularity (we’ve always wanted to use the word apogee in a sentence and can now die happy), it doesn’t matter. An attendance record is an attendance record. Though we’re pretty sure she’d concede the record for the longest line in the history of St. Paul.

It seems that Obama has finally met his match. Maybe John McCain should look to add Twain as his running mate. She appeals to white, blue-collar voters and can sing rings around them pinko Dixie Chicks…

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