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Saints offer "bobble foot" promotion this weekend

The St. Paul Saints have outdone themselves.

This Sunday's promotion is a giveaway of 2,500 "bobble foot" dolls, featuring a seated figure in a bathroom stall.

You might make the obvious association with Larry Craig, but ...

The baseball team says the promotion, which coincides with National Tap Dance Day, is "in tribute to all their toe-tapping friends and fans from around the nation who may ever have set foot in Minneapolis-St. Paul… even for just a change of planes. The one-of-a-kind collector’s item depicts a restroom stall and a bobble foot peaking out from underneath."

The team says they don't mind if you make the obvious connection instead of buying this tap dancing folly. Which is good, since it is now my life's mission to get the disgraced former senator to sign one of these.

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