Rudy: Not endorsed by anyone!

With the pivotal Florida primary tomorrow night (along with the nearly-as-anticipated City Pages liveblog of same), candidates are ramping up their persuasive efforts. Mitt Romney is accusing John McCain of being a liar; McCain is rallying support from hawks, touting his national security credentials. Neither are engaging in the bold gambit employed by the former New York City mayor who has staked his candidacy on performing well here.

Rudy Giuliani is taking this opportunity to remind voters that no one likes him.

That's right, Rudy's new ad emphasizes how many papers have not endorsed him. Here's how the ad starts, in voiceover:

“Rudy Giuliani is not endorsed by The Tampa Tribune. Not endorsed by the Orlando Sentinel. Not endorsed by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. In fact, he’s not endorsed by any of the liberal newspapers."

I suppose if you can't win on the issues, and your personality seems to just create likability problems, it's about time to start turning to reverse psychology. If current polling trends hold true, he'll soon be adding "not endorsed by Florida voters" to that list.

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