Rudy Giuliani is a mean, ugly man

As much as I'm pulling for a Rudy revival and brokered GOP convention, today's New York Times contains

mandatory reading

about the former Mayor. The piece mercilessly describes Giuliani's sad, petty, tyrannical behavior during his eight-year tenure. It's a hit piece in the finest sense of the term. Nary a positive word is uttered on the Mayor's behalf. Here's a favorite passage:

Mr. Giuliani paid careful attention to the art of political payback. When former Mayors Edward I. Koch and David N. Dinkins spoke publicly of Mr. Giuliani’s foibles, mayoral aides removed their official portraits from the ceremonial Blue Room at City Hall. Mr. Koch, who wrote a book titled “Giuliani: Nasty Man,” shrugs.

“David Dinkins and I are lucky that Rudy didn’t cast our portraits onto a bonfire along with the First Amendment, which he enjoyed violating daily,” Mr. Koch said in a recent interview.

Coupled with Elizabeth Kolbert's devastating portrait of Giuliani in the The New Yorker a couple weeks ago, everyone should understand that Giuliani is a dangerous, vindictive prick. Hopefully that's what voters in Florida are seeking.

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