Ronnie Kravitz Love Revolution

The gap between Ron Paul's political stances over the years and his supporter-chosen unofficial slogan, "Ron Paul Love Revolution," is hilarious in its incongruity. A paleoconservative coming with the hippie rhetoric? Fascinating.

Also coming with the retro style is Lenny Kravitz, but beyond that, they don't seem to have much in common. Sure, Lenny is currently practicing abstinence, and I'm sure the right loves that. But he's not exactly the poster child for a candidate whose relationship with race is, ahem, complicated.

Yet Kravitz, who played at Myth last night, has at least one flourish in common with Storm Front's favorite candidate. His tour is -- wait for it -- the Love Revolution tour! Word on the street is that this is no coincidence. In fact, we've obtained a rare PR still of Ron Paul jamming with Kravitz' band before he announced his candidacy:

Ronnie Kravitz Love Revolution

Ron Paul may have hated and reviled Martin Luther King until it became politically expedient, but he sure loves some Lenny Kravitz. Let Love Rule, Ron!

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