Ron Paul Supporters to Drop Money Bomb on MLK Day

Word on the blogosphere has it that Ron Paul's merry pranksters are planning to drop a "money bomb" tomorrow (Monday) to coincide with Martin Luther King Jr. Day. (Money bombs are days in which Paul supporters dump huge sums of cash into Paul's campaign coffers. Previous bombs were dropped on Guy Fawkes Day [Nov. 5] and the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party [Dec. 16], the latter being the largest single-day fundraising effort in U.S. political history).

This latest money dump comes at the heels of a January 8 New Republic article that uncovered racist and homophobic comments written in Paul's newsletter through the 70's, 80's, and 90's-- comments the Texas congressman claims were penned without his knowlege. (His full response can be found here.)

Earlier this month, Paul told Reason Magazine: "Martin Luther King is one of my heroes because he believed in nonviolence and that's a libertarian principle... So I believe in civil disobedience if you understand the consequences. Martin Luther King was a great person because he did that and he changed America for the better because of that."

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