Romney in the lead for Michigan

Looks like a three-horse race for the state Sufjan Stevens says yes to. Three new polls show Mitt Romney with a strong lead over John McCain and Mike Huckabee further behind.

The main link shows two polls; add the McClatchy poll to that number, which shows Romney with an eight-point lead. This comes shortly after polls showing the race nearly a dead heat between McCain and Romney.

Given what happened with the Dems and New Hampshire, I'm absolutely rooting for a) pundits to being jawing about the consequences for the Huckabee and McCain campaigns when they lose, and b) for Michigan to be a nail-bitingly close race that is ultimately won by, I don't know, Trini Lopez or someone.

If anyone knows a Republican gathering for tomorrow's primary -- preferably a bar where the WiFi works -- shoot me an email, and mayhap I'll show up.

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