Rolling rolling rolling

Minnesota RollerGirls at Cheap Skate in Coon Rapids a few weeks ago, photographed by Tony Nelson

"I've only completed a couple of rounds when Michelle Will/Led Debby swoops in from behind and swats me on the ass. I've been initiated."

-- Lindsey Thomas, rolling with the RollerGirls in today's City Pages. (Here's the MN RollerGirls' blog. See also the Texas RollerGirls and the Lone Star RollergirlsRoller derby: Yet another good idea from Austin, TX.) Check out these posters from the controversial benefit shows. Here are more photos for the story taken on a different night (sans Lindsey Thomas, unfortunately) by Tony Nelson:

Check out more articles by Lindsey Thomas by clicking on her old Weezer fan club ID:

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