Roger Stone's Junk

I don't believe in the Devil, but if I did, I think he would look and act like Roger Stone. The longtime right-wing operative has a new initiative involving the nastiest epithet you can throw at a woman, and you can color all who've read of the man unsurprised.

I'm not sure what's the most jaw-dropping part about the latest Republican effort to call Hillary Clinton names. Let me summarize the story, then give you a list of the stupefying elements. Stone, a longtime right-wing activist with a penchant for dirty political tricks and dirtier tricks in the bedroom, has launched a new 527 organization designed to "educate the American public about what Hillary Clinton really is."

The name of the organization is Citizens United Not Timid. Get it? If you don't get it, look at their oh-so-clever graphic.

So, count with me the flabbergasting elements of this story, and pick your favorite:

* The chair of the organization, as their website proudly notes, is a guy named "Noodles." Noodles is, in fact, Stone's appointed proxy, but wasn't his first choice. His first choice turned out to be in the mafia.

* Stone himself resigned from Bob Dole's campaign after it came out that he and his wife were swingers, and that he was placing ads for sex in magazines and showing up at sex parties in full leather regalia.

* That we're still at a place in history when calling a woman a nasty name (and that is -- really -- the entirety of the organization's mission) counts as discourse.

All of these facts are dizzying. But as far as most incredible goes, maybe it's the fact that a grown man has a big-ass tattoo of Nixon's face on his back. And the man's not a fringe figure, either. Tucker Carlson repeatedly calls him a legendary operative, and you can still occasionally see him on the Sunday shows.

You can read all about that in Matt Labash's profile of Stone (PDF) for the conservative Weekly Standard and his update of the story, which includes the details on the nation's newest, most stupefying 527.

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