Roger Huerta vs. Dana White

Things couldn’t be better for Roger "El Matador" Huerta. The Augsburg College business major is rising up through the ranks of Mixed Martial Arts. And after appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated, people are starting to recognize him on the streets.

When he jogs around Lake Calhoun people raise their fists in the air as he passes. "It’s cool," says Huerta. "It makes me feel like Rocky."

He’s also becoming a heartthrob. At a public press conference held at the Mall of America last week, he walked onto the stage to high-pitched screams from adoring teenage fans. His tweed three-piece and bowler cap attire looked out of place among his roughneck peers in beat-up ball caps and t-shirts.

Dana White, president of UFC, said he looked forward to Huerta’s fight more than any other on the ticket. When Brock Lesnar is on the ticket, those are big words. But White also had some bigger words to say about Huerta’s new contract. White doesn’t think Huerta deserves much because he hasn’t beaten any notable opponents. He also claimed that Huerta was reading too much of his own press.

Their tepid relationship was on display at the MoA event, where they exchanged an awkward handshake before Huerta took to the podium. Then White looked away as Huerta spoke to the crowd, appearing to cuss under his breath.

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