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Postcard from Below the Border

Tough time to be away from the action on the homefront, although, as I type from the friendly confines of Acapulco, I`m earnestly reminded that the technology of today keeps us all intertwined. As the pesos tick away the minutes, I`m clawing away for information on our favorite club's onset of activity.

I watched the Dome Opener in Spanish, but it was evident, in any language, that Livan looked ever the ace as he went 7 strong, giving up only 2 runs with no walks while declining to eat barbacoa between innings. Furthermore, the debut of young Carlos Gomez also appeared fit for note with 2 hits, a walk, 2 steals and 2 runs (this should no doubt affect our MN angle of the Jo-Jo equation, although I read in The News out of Mexico City that Santana tossed a gem versus the lowly Marlins).

In addtion, I saw that Torii had himself a crappy Dome return with no hits and a K although he was well-received by the home crowd. As well he should have been -- Hunter was a great Twin, an active community guy, and the leader of slew of playoff teams. Still, as a bullish fish-salesman on the beach told me yesterday:"Es no victoria parecido victoria vencer viejo amigos . . ."

In game 2, however, it appeared that Boof got rocked fairly soundly, although he walked none (as can oftentimes be the case when leaving everything over the plate). In addition, the boxscore largely suggests that his relief corps did him few favors, and that perhaps Brian Bass got hooked in the mouth. Whether this debut is emblematic of why he was kept off M.L.B. rosters, surely time will time. And although Torii went hitless again (pressing too hard? Still missing those outside pitches?), it was nice to see that newcomers Delmon Young, and again, C. Gomez, are off to swift starts for the local nine.

I`m off, time for a cold one and avoidance of the condo sales folks that hounded my ass for nearly 3 hours this morning (although I did get a free omelette and a golf discount out of the deal).

In closure, I`m also happy to report that I've made initial contact with the representatives for the aforementioned hurler down here, Jorge Gomez Luis Rivas Gomez, whom the C.P. powers have asked that I thoroughly scout. I should be picked up by a truck of some sort tomorrow morning around 6, and then -- riding from the back -- I`ll allegedly be taken on a 2 hour ride up the coast where Gomez lives. I`ll be catching him with a Wilson mitt I found in my folks`garage and my lovely assistant will work the Jugs speed gun. If the kid lives up to the hype, he could be the next Fernando. With the aid of the hotel concierge, I`ll be working hard on my Spanish tonight.

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