Please Stand By

Please Stand By

Note: In mid-July, when all City Pages blogs transferred to new addresses and new software, much of this blog's archives were taken offline, and nearly all links to specific pages were broken.* The web folks at City Pages and Village Voice Media LLC are working to fix the problem as soon as possible, reinstating old links and pages. Thank you for your patience. (Updates in bold.)

*Examples of links we hope to restore soon:

At the moment, in the "new blog" (i.e., any entries dated September 27, 2005 and later, i.e. after the switch to Moveable Type), anyone who links to this original post...

FIXED: now taken to this link...

...while the original link has been renamed/re-addressed as this link, without any forwarding from one to the other:


The post-September/2005 blog is also missing the enlarged versions of photos, such as the one you should get when you click on the photo of Bernard "Short Lunch" Walker here:

In the "old blog," meanwhile (including all entries dated September 20, 2005 and earlier, and beginning in April, 2003), a number of "draft" blog entries have been published as real ones, and I'll be deleting these over the next couple weeks. If you visit the month of May of 2005, for example, you'll find a number of placeholder headlines with blank photos:

FIXED: Other months, such as August, 2004, appear to be missing altogether. At the moment, the addresses for the blog entry also known as the TC Old-School Hip Hop Page, posted August 17, 2004 (in Babelogue and Moveable Type), take you nowhere:

Similarly, all "story" pages have disappeared (all after 2004 or so), such as the four pages of Jamaican music links that started here:

If any of the above links don't open new windows, this problem, too, is being fixed.

UPDATE: Now it appears you can look at the TC Old School Hip Hop page, by looking at the entire month of August 2004, but it's messed up, appearing in all bold, along with all the "story" pages it once linked to. In many of these the photos are gone. Also, the photos are cropped, something I hoped to fix gradually, and might not be able to now.

FIXED: You'll also notice the following words now above most entries: "Filed under: Imported" or "File under: Stories." These designations are meaningless to readers, and we hope to get rid of them.

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