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Paulbots to Descend on Booksellers

Republican Texas Representative Ron Paul apparently won't be hitting up fancy parties and schmooze-fests while in Minneapolis next week. The former presidential long shot has not been asked to speak at the RNC. Instead, Paul and his scrappy band of Paulbots are throwing their own party: The Rally for the Republic at the Target Center which will feature an impressive lineup of offbeat political types including soon-to-be cable TV judge Jesse Ventura and bow-tied pundit Tucker Carlson. While he's in town, Paul is also going to make a few bucks by signing copies of his book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, at Barnes & Noble in Roseville.

And if you thought Paul's supporters were anything less than jubilant, ultra-devoted fanboys, check out the user reviews for his book on Amazon. Of the 643 reviews up there right now, 599 are five-star reviews! That's more than 93 percent. By comparison, only 73.5 percent of reviews for To Kill A Mocking Bird are five-star. Move over, Harper Lee.

Now enjoy this hilariously over-the-top look back on Paul's career.

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