Pat Neshek: the blog

class=img_thumbleft>We learned yesterday that Twins bullpen phenom Pat Neshek is indeed human as he allowed his first run in the big leagues, ballooning his era to 1.08. And I fear he may become a lot more human in the coming weeks as hitters adjust to his funky sidearm delivery.

But now we discover that Neshek, like an alarming 12-million Americans, has a blog. It's regularly updated, if somewhat haphazardly written. The main purpose of it seems to be chronicling his experiences with autograph seekers. Which seems kind of odd but he does deliver this genius nugget.

One grapher was awesome and hooked me up with a signed Rob Zombie album cover, I was pumped to get a metal autograph so I hooked him up with a couple MLB balls during BP.

And then there's Neshek's correction of a recent Sid Hartman column that wrongly identified him as single. (To be fair Charley Walter appears to have scooped us on this one.)

I needed to clear something up really quick that I just found in a paper saying that I am single. In Sid Hartman's column today it read this "Being single and only 25 and a baseball star in his hometown, you would think he would hear from some of the young ladies. But he said he hasn't received any proposals."

I don't know why it was printed saying I was. I am NOT SINGLE, sorry ladies! I'm very much in love with Stephanee and we have been together nearly three years (for those who are new to the site.) Sid's question to me was about mail and if I have received any marriage proposals. I laughed at his question and said no! I guess I'll have to start making it clear that I am taken!

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