Palin' By Comparison

Republicans are definitely on message about Sarah Palin, despite growing revelations. If you talk to them, you'll get statements of unqualified support. You'll get standard talking points.

But then there are the whispers.

As I filed a post from the open WiFi area on my laptop a few hours ago, I overheard one delegate talking on his mobile phone about Palin.

He used the word “disaster.” Then he said: “She could be Tom Eagleton.” Then he noticed I was listening. His eyes got big, and he spun on his heel and briskly walked outside.

This was before the speech, which seemed to go over well, so maybe some of that sentiment has dissipated. On the other hand, Palin hasn't had to undertake a press conference or answer a probing question one-on-one from the national media yet, either. Guess Peggy Noonan isn't the only one with strong doubts.

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