Orgiastic Republican sex freak waxes moralistic about Spitzer

Eliot Spitzer used a prostitution ring to cheat on his wife. Bad, bad Spitzer! You, the prince of accountability! It's high time the party of morals rebuked you, using an unimpeachably objective media outlet!

But because that party and that media outlet don't exist, we'll have to settle for Republican group sex aficionado Roger Stone and Fox News.

We've written about the GOP operative Roger Stone before, and how the charmingly amoral hedonist rolls from S&M sex party to swinger gathering in between calling Hillary Clinton vulgar names. To his credit (?), Stone doesn't seem to actually believe any of his own horseshit, but does parlay it into presumably well-paying media gigs like this one on Fox:

Yes, that's the resigned-in-disgrace Dole aide whose forays into leather sex parties forced his ouster talking about how a self-righteous Spitzer got what he deserved. I know you'll be just as shocked as I am to learn that a Google News search for Stone's name plus the name of "family values" Republican David Vitter (who also was nailed in a prostitution scandal) turns up exactly zero hits.

Let's get the obvious out of the way. Self-righteous politicians are loathsome, hypocritical self-righteous politicians are vile, and Spitzer should be ashamed of himself. But if you're expecting Republican operatives like Stone to condemn Vitter, or Larry Craig, or whoever the perv du jour is, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

The point is this: an attack news outlet finding someone with a swift, polished tongue to do what he does best with it. Or possibly second-best, depending upon who you ask.

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