Operation Chaos: Rush Limbaugh dreams of riots at Denver convention

The round mound of rightwing scorn delights in the idea of human suffering being visited on the people of Denver, simply because they had the temerity to host a Democratic political convention.

Don't miss our sister paper Denver Westword's article on Rush Limbaugh's recent publicly-expressed glee over the idea of people rioting at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Money quote:

Within minutes of these words, however, Clear Channel Denver put out a press release claiming precisely the opposite. "A review of the full transcript... shows that Limbaugh

was not advocating violence in Denver at the Democratic National Convention," the document stated — and indeed, Limbaugh did say that "I am not inspiring or inciting riots" at one point. But this comment represented the briefest of asides amid a rambling, discursive take filled with observations like "Riots in Denver at the Democrat convention would see to it we don't elect Democrats — and that's the best damn thing that could happen for this country."

This is bile of the same sort as the McCain supporter who thinks the devestation of New Orleans was punishment for a sinful lifestyle. If Obama's ex-preacher said this, there would be a national scandal.

Here's a YouTube clip of Keith Olbermann on the controversy:

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