Open thread: NBA Second Round

Okay folks, sorry I don't have time for analysis right now, but I do want to open this thread for anyone who wants to talk about the second-round of the series. Hopefully I'll elaborate later, but here are my picks:

Miami over New Jersey in 6. Detroit over Cleveland in 5. Clippers over Phoenix in 6. San Antonio over Dallas in 6. (No way to prove it, but this was my pick even before the Spurs triumphed this afternoon. For that matter, barring injuries or as of now unforeseen circumstances, I think San Antonio will again beat the Pistons and repeat as champs. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.)

Other permissible comment topics: The Phoenix comeback (otherwise known as the Kwame-Smush el foldo); the little white guy winning his second straight undeserved MVP; rethinking coach of the year and MVP by including playoffs in the context; and the extracurricular activities on the court (from Reggie Evans's nut grab to Raja Bell's clothesline to Udonis Haslem's mouthpiece toss).

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