One of my favorite jerks

Unlike most people, who consider Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to be an asshole, I've always liked the guy and regarded him as something of a kindred spirit (which doesn't necessarily mean he isn't an asshole). One of the few people who got out fabulously rich before the boom was revealed to be as much of a fever dream as Haight-Ashbury's Summer of Love, Cuban bought himself a basketball team, opened his wallet to upgrade his perennially woeful squad with quality players, and then treated them to the best perks his money could buy. Watching him sit behind the bench, baiting the refs, trying not to be a jock-sniffing doofus but occasionally losing control and doling out high-fives and back-slaps to his team, he was obviously first and foremost a stone hoops fan.

Anyway, when Cuban bought the Mavs back in the late 90s, one of the few players on the roster that was worth a damn was Michael Finley. The other day, Cuban made a smart business decision and cut Finley. For those who think Mark Cuban has no class, check out his account of how and why he dumped the fading star and longest-tenured Mav.

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