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Obama's Friday news dump was in advance of assault on Hillary's secrecy

Politicians love to release bad news on Friday, because nobody's paying attention. And boy, did Obama use the opportunity to unload a lot of baggage.

This week, Obama finally opened up about Tony Rezko, his fundraiser and real-estate fixer, and one of the few ethical lapses that seems to be gaining traction as Hillary looks for a chink in Obama's armor.

As if that wasn't enough, Obama also dumped Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his long time confidant (who even gave him the title of his book), after footage circulated of Wright denouncing America.

So what is going on here? Is Obama wilting in the spotlight? Is Clinton scoring points with the judges?

Well, this Chicago Tribune story suggests its a pre-emptive bit of housecleaning before an all-out assault on Hillary Clinton over the issue of secrecy.

PLAINFIELD, Ind. - Sen. Barack Obama is trying to air his dirty laundry -- even some items that might appear just a little wrinkled -- as he prepares a full assault on Sen. Hillary Clinton over ethics and transparency.

The Obama campaign seems to be launching that assault today, according to this CNN story:

(CNN) — Barack Obama's campaign on Sunday stepped up its efforts to portray rival Hillary Clinton as a secretive politician, calling the New York senator a "veteran of non-disclosure."

In a conference call with reporters Sunday afternoon, Obama's top aides implored Clinton to release past tax returns, earmark requests, documents from husband’s Presidential Library and the list of donors to the Library.

"What is Sen. Clinton hiding and what is lurking in the documents?" Obama Communications Director Robert Gibbs asked on the conference call.

David Axelrod, the campaign's chief strategist, also repeated the campaign's past claim that the New York senator remains to be fully vetted, and suggested Republicans could unearth now unknown details about Clinton.

Didn't she promise to release these documents after Texas/Ohio? Why are we still waiting?

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