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Obama rally: bigger than Shania Twain?

It’s all about victory spelled with an “O” tonight at the Xcel Energy Center. The AP has reported that Barack Obama, the Kansas heartthrob, has clinched the Democratic presidential nomination. Matt Drudge, conservative blogger turned Obama lover posted the news to his site this afternoon. He also put a little blinking siren above the news, making it all the more important.

Anyways, this is how the AP made their conclusion:

The AP tally was based on public commitments from delegates as well as more than a dozen private commitments. It also included a minimum number of delegates Obama was guaranteed even if he lost the final two primaries in South Dakota and Montana later in the day.

But whatever. Tonight, the Xcel Center will be rocking to an Obama victory dance. It’s his opportunity to draw a line in the sand. Still, poli-geeks are curious to see if the guy in the skinny, sky blue tie will proclaim victory, or keep the mood slightly muted until he has enough superdelegates in his corner to secure the nomination outright. Plus, everyone, (let’s just admit it) is kinda hoping for a unison arm raise between Obama and Al Gore.

Meanwhile, Kathy O’Connor, Director of Public Relations for Xcel Energy Center is pumped. As she drove to work today there were satellite trucks from the national media big boys parked outside, powering up. Rabid Obama supporters were out as well, already in line, ready to enter the center for tonight’s speech, which is scheduled to begin around 9ish. She joked that although it was surprising, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, as people wait in line all day for Wild tickets, too.

“But there is definite excitement,” O’Connor says, “It’s a pretty cool feeling to be at the epicenter of this historic election. [Combined with the Republican National Convention] it’s one of the best years for this facility.”

As for attendance, Xcel can handle, and is expecting, 20,000 people to attend. They’re basing it off Obama’s packed political rally last fall at the Target Center. If crowds swell past the 20,545 mark, then Obama will beat out a five-year attendance record held by the goddess of country Shania Twain, who jammed people into Xcel tighter than country folks jam their hips into denim. But bets are good that Obama will surpass her attendance record, as we all know how good he is at out-shining powerful women.

Speaking of powerful women, Sen. Hillary Clinton says that she will not concede the election tonight, but is open to the Veep spot if it will help her party get back into the White House.

And here is a video of bears tearing apart a car. (Also courtesy of the Drudge Report.)

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