Nothing says "Super Bowl Win" like Waterford crystal

What do you get for the football fan who has everything? Why not celebrate the underdog's victory with a Waterford crystal football featuring an embedded Giants logo?

On the scale of "weird Super Bowl memorabilia," this ranks five notches above the nesting dolls. I've been to a lot of Super Bowl parties, and I've never seen anything made by Waterford at any one of them. Salsa just seems wrong inside a high-quality crystal bowl, like it should have diamond dust on top of it or something.

Yet we're not talking about bowls here. Crystal bowls would at least be functional. Instead, these are gaudy and useless trinkets that clutter up the interior landscape in homes where people have too much stuff anyway.

It doesn't stop there. Waterford also makes a replica crystal helmet for each Super Bowl-winning team. This thing would only be useful if they made Eli Manning play in it next year. Then I might watch more NFL games.

On second thought, maybe I will buy one of those crystal footballs. Keep it for a few years, and maybe I can even sell it on eBay at a markup.

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