Not saints, exactly, but still marching in...

Not saints, exactly, but still marching in...

Minnesota's Jack Brass Band (myspace) play the Nomad on Saturday before heading down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras (more here), performing in the Krewe du Vieux on February 11. Here's my City Pages profile, with links (and Rick Mason's roundup of Katrina benefit albums).

Recently posted elsewhere: Livin' For the City: Could a Local Band Help Save New Orleans? You Don't Know Jack. (CP 2/1/05), Atmosphere meets Mary J. Blige (CTG 1/30/06), Rumor confirmed: Rake publisher buys MNSpeak (1/26/06), Oak Street Cinema seeks volunteers (CTG 1/26/06), P.O.S. review (scroll down; CP 1/25/06), Brother, of Brother and Sister (a.k.a. Ice-Rod), seeks intern (CTG 1/23/06), Who's buying MNSpeak and DUNation? (CTG 1/18/06), Celebrate American (and Minnesotan) song Tuesday (CTG 1/16/05) All the Pretty Horses play last show (CTG 1/6/06), Radio K's Top 7 Lists for 2005 (CTG 1/3/06), Radio K's Top 77 Records of 2005 (CTG 1/3/06), KMOJ's Top 89 Songs of 2005 (12/30/05).

I don't normally (as in, ever) advertise for the City Pages advertising department, but the Minnesota Music Directory happens to be free if you want to place one basic listing (as a rapper, musician, DJ, web site, journalist, whatever). The deadline for listings is February 10 at 5:00 p.m., so click the above link and place it now. (Reaction threads here, here, here, and here.)

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