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Norm Coleman Isn't Funny, But He's Trying to Be

OK, so as if the speculation last week surrounding Norm Coleman’s newest campaign ad wasn’t enough, late Friday the Coleman campaign tried to stick it to the

"liberal bloggers"

who argued the 30 second spot was fake, by creating their own fake Franken commercial.

Apparently, the campaign didn’t have enough of the bloggers' ruthless attacks and went in for more. Trying to be funny it posted a mockery of its own ad with this teaser on its official website:

Amazingly, there seems to be a real conspiracy in the making based on a video that has been found from the Franken archives!

We have released a portion of an Al Franken web video that we find suspect. There is this guy we showed the Franken video to and he said it was "obviously faked." Another man, who has seen several movies, told us that, "Franken's mouth doesn’t even move throughout the entire production. This is totally fake. He should drop out now to save himself embarrassment."

Here's the ad.

The impetus behind this blog war is a commercial released by the Coleman campaign last week, in which Laurie and Norm appear awkwardly in their kitchen. Throughout the ad, the two never really look at each other and the Blo & Glo princess seems unusually large, causing local bloggers to question if she was added into the clip later using a green screen.

Laurie is known to spend much of her time in California, and the couple’s relationship is often questioned in the press. Here’s the original commercial. Notice the weird shot of her bling bling engagement ring.

Anyway, it’s good to know that Senator Coleman is using his campaign funds wisely creating serious commercials poorly and publishing fake, supposedly funny blogs humorlessly. For more professional campaign highlights, check out Coleman's official campaign website.

Hat Tip: Matt Martin, MN PUBLIUS

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